On board the Regent Seven Seas Explorer, everyone feels like they are Royalty. Truly, the experience on board the Explorer and nothing less than extraordinary. Since this ship was introduced to the world and first sailed in the summer of 2016, it continues to brand itself as “the most luxurious ship ever built.” That is quite a statement to make and I am a firm believer in under promise and over deliver, so wondered if this trademark was reality.

Upon arriving on board the ship, my Fiancé and I were greeted by crew members who warmly welcomes us on board and handed us a glass of champagne from their silver platter. As I stepped on board, I first saw the infamous crystal chandelier that I have seen in photos advertising the ship, and it really is a sight to see. I felt like I was on board a ship equally as elegant as the Titanic with its grand staircase and incredible detail. As we headed towards the elevator to go to our room I was In awe that we were on a boat, as I look out from the elevator bank as we gracefully rose to the 11th deck I felt as if I was in a very upscale hotel, and became eager to see the rest, it did not look or feel like a cruise ship, lots of space and a beautiful open design. After being mesmerized by the beautiful crystals above the main staircase, I later found out that it includes 6,000 hand places octagons of glass and that it is 13 feet tall. I knew that the attention to detail on board the Explorer was going to continue to amaze me along the way as I continued to explorer the rest of the Explorer.

Greeted in our room by fresh flowers, a personalized note, a coffee maker and a mini refrigerator stocked with beverages, I was excited to call my Concierge Suite home for the days to come. After spending time on our balcony enjoying the sunset, while having plenty of space for a table and chairs along with a lounger, I realize it would be hard to ever sail without a Verandah or Balcony of any sort, once you enjoy this type of comfort and space, it really is difficult to go back. Our Verandah afforded us fresh air, fantastic views and a feeling of gratitude for being able to experience the evenings beautiful sunset as we did while toasting to the beginning of our time on board this ship that defines luxury. Luxury means something different to everyone, but to me it means one of a kind experiences, personalized service and the creation of memories that will always stick with you. I sure can appreciate having a personal Butler on board, whether to deliver a newspaper, provide us a snack, or answer any questions we may have, our Butler was exemplary and by the end of my all too quick time on board, we were like family. I like to think I am special, but I am pretty sure anyone who cruises on the Explorer is not just made to feel extra special, but truly is appreciated by the crew on the Explorer. They have such a warm & genuine way about them, and are passionate about what they do and excited to be a part of this brand new vessel that is making history, and creating a brand new future for cruising.

As I made my way to the pool area to check out the sites, I was pleasantly surprised by the very wide variety of hors d’oeuvres and aperitifs awaiting. As we sailed off, I was a tiny bit chilly and was happy to have had pashmina provided by RSSC in our room to throw over my shoulders. Touches like these, they are thoughtful and considerate to think of all guests needs so they are proactive in their thinking and anticipation of guest needs, this is one of a long list of items that proved this idea to be true. Walking throughout the ship, you feel you have been transported to one of the most chic and beautiful art galleries in the world, full of colorful and unique pieces, I was taken back by the pieces that lined the hallways on board. I definitely do not consider myself an art buff, but I really was fascinated by the handpicked pieces on board.

The options for dining are unbelievable, there truly is something for everyone. There are seven great dining options on board with 24 hour room service, a culinary arts kitchen for cooking school and Compass Rose which is not your typical main dining room. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to join Mr. Jason Montague, the President of Regent for a small group dinner in the Study Room, which is an beautiful designed private dining room which offers you to enjoy from the Prime 7 (American Steakhouse) or Chartreuse (French) menu. This private dining room is soon to be designated for guests paying a premium to enjoy the most luxurious Suite on the most luxurious ship at sea, the Regent Suite. So much to say about the Regent Suite while also speechless at the same time.

The Regent Suite is over the top, and not only is it incredibly spacious, an expansive near 4,500 square feet with its Verandah, but it is located at the ships bow, has its own private in suite spa with steam room and heated lounge bed. The capital spent to ensure that the best of the best in terms of bedding, décor, Piano, etc were included in this Suite was included was certainly a priority and they did not take any shortcuts in doing so. When one books this Suite they also have a private car and driver awaiting for them as every port so this allows for a tailored visit in every destination which is such a wonderful extra for those who are privileged enough to enjoy this spectacular space while on board the Explorer.

Throughout my time on board, I enjoyed sumptuous cuisine, luxury bedding, staff who was genuine & warm, entertainment and activities that made it difficult to make decisions & relaxation at the main decks sunbeds surrounding the pool while watching the world go by with not a care in the world. The Explorer takes you to another place and allows you to experience what it feels like to be a Queen. I know I am so grateful for the experience and hope that you too will have the opportunity someday to also experience the Explorer, I promise you that you will not be disappointed. Your time on board will leave you with memories to last a lifetime and you will never look at cruising quite the same. I really cannot imagine anywhere else I would rather be, the Explorer sure know how to leave a lasting impression….