Luxury Ventures Travel is dedicated to your health & wellness. Simply defined, wellness travel encompasses physical, mental and social well-being, as well as spiritual health.

We recognize the importance of nurturing one’s mind, body & soul while willfully taking time for ourselves to gain balance and clarity. Wellness means different things to different people but to us, it is not just about going to the spa, or taking part in a fitness class, it goes much deeper. It is about finding the experience that will aid you in creating positive change and encompass overall well-being. We highly recommend that everyone take time out of their otherwise busy and sometimes chaotic lives to understand what wellness means to you while enjoying an opportunity to renew, refresh & rejuvenate.

There are so many different opportunities for wellness travel & not one destination or property will be right for everyone, so it is imperative to understands ones goals & hopes for their time away. A few of the questions we like to go through when qualifying an individual to ensure we pick out the most fitting experiences for our value clients include but are not limited to the following:

  • How do you envision your days being spent?
  • Do you want unscheduled days? Pre-arranged activities?
  • Are a wide variety of fitness classes being offered to your during your stay important?
  • What types of spa services do you most enjoy?
  • Are you going through a transitional period in your life that is causing un-needed stress?
  • Do you desire consultations during your stay with an on-site wellness professional? Or physician?
  • Do you desire peace & quiet?
  • Is being outdoors & including nature important to you?
  • Would you like to be social & meet like-minded people?
  • Would you like to take this opportunity to detox? Is your goal to lose weight?
  • Are you interested in medicinal services & learning more about programs including bio-technology?

Most important, what do you hope to GAIN from this experience? We as travel advisors can then help our clients to select the perfect destination spa or wellness property that we feel may confidently exceed our clients expectations.

I can honestly say that for me personally, my first time spent away as part of a spiritual journey was to Mii amo in Sedona, AZ and this is an experience that will always stay with me. My time spent here and the impact it had on me has allowed me to have the passion I do for promoting to loved ones & clients that they partake in a regular wellness getaway. I found it extremely powerful to spend this time on my own, disconnected from technology, while journaling, reading, eating & cooking cuisine that was good for my body. I enjoyed this in the midst of taking part in a variety of  unique healing rituals, outdoor activities yoga and wellness classes. It was invaluable for me to learn new tips and tools for better myself and continued wellness beyond Mii amo. Taking part in the items offered to me during my stay amidst the beauty of mother nature was incredibly enlightening & meaningful. My time spent here allowed me to gain clarity & return to my routine feeling extremely refreshed, motivated & excited to be feeling as if I was living to be the best version of myself.

We are a proud Member of the Virtuoso Wellness Community, and may offer comprehensive wellness experiences around the globe. We have an exclusive partnership with 40 qualified partners from around the world including hotels, cruise lines & tour partners. We are extremely selective in who we work with as we orchestrate one of a kind experiences with partners that we have tried and true experience with & are confident you will truly benefit from your time away.





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