If you just booked a trip and it is either just a get-away on a cruise ship or to a beautiful Hawaiian resort, you probably have considered buying travel insurance.   After all, you just put down a lot of money for your vacation and you want to be prepared if something were to happen.

While travel insurance certainly seems like a great concept, it’s important to know what is actually covered so you can decide if it’s worth the cost.

What Travel insurance covers

Travel insurance covers most unexpected things that might happen to you when you plan a trip.

If you’re taking a trip, there is always the possibility that your trip might be cancelled because of a hurricane or any other natural disaster.

Travel insurance can also cover any medical type of emergency that your health insurance company might not include in their policy.

Below are some of the different things that would be covered if you purchase travel insurance.

Trip Cancellation coverage:

This will cover your expenses if the trip is cancelled or delayed.

Medical coverage:

Medical coverage will reimburse you for emergency care if necessary on your tip.  If you get hurt, sick or need to go to the emergency room, travel insurance can help.

Replace Stolen or lost luggage:

It isn’t uncommon that your luggage is either stolen or lost when you go on a trip.  You might leave a backpack or suitcase somewhere and come back to find it’s gone.  The cost of replacing your suitcase and the items inside can get very expensive.

Travel insurance can help with any kind of theft of any personal items when you are away.

Coverage for the family

A lot of families decide to purchase travel insurance because it can cover everyone on the trip including younger children who are traveling with you.  With children, you never know what mischief they will get into or if they might get injured or sick.  And it’s a relief to have the coverage for that reason.

Medical Evacuation Insurance

There are also different additions to your basic coverage that might be better for your particular trip.  If you plan a rigorous hiking trip or even white water rafting, you might consider purchasing a medevac plan.  This is really for extreme sports and gives you the coverage you need in case something happens to you on a strenuous hike and you need emergency support.

There are many reasons to consider travel insurance.  It can really help out if something unexpected happen from either stolen items to even a natural disaster.

It’s one of those things where you are purchasing travel insurance as more of a preventative measure.  You might not need it, but if you do, you will be really happy you purchased a policy.

We are prepared to help you with protecting your travel plans & confirming a travel insurance policy that is right for you.

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