U by Uniworld offers a new take on experiential travel, from the modern décor of the ship and chic, boutique rooms, to the fun onboard activities, unique itineraries, and great food. They also include everything you need to feel settled in and travel effortlessly between cities.

If you’re considering a river cruise and you have a passion for exploring and authentic adventures, then this boutique, floating hotel is the way to go.

In love with the views in the ‘City of Three Rivers’

When I first arrived on the ‘A’ ship, I was greeted with cocktails and fun live music. The sun was shining bright and I was surrounded by some of the most iconic buildings in Europe. I could already tell that U River Cruise’s new and youthful approach I would be dramatically changing the face of river cruising.

Why I Prefer Cruising by River Boat

With cruising by way of river, you are able to get into smaller ports and lesser known towns, you are allowed more time to enjoy each destination included on the itinerary and you are able to enjoy time on board with far less people than majority of larger ocean cruising vessels. I really do appreciate a great culinary experience as well so the fact that I am able to enjoy local gastronomy & local wines on board is a definite benefit with sailing on a more intimate vessel with opportunity for a localized experience.

Finally, maybe my top favorite reason for loving traveling by way of river cruise is the ease of travel. You only need to unpack once and be in a different country each day. If you are like me and a bit OCD when it comes to unpacking and when you travel really like getting settled into your accommodations when you travel you can understand what a relief this is to unpack once and then…enjoy! This is a huge time saver and allows you to make the most of your vacation so a real win-win.

Watching the sunset each evening aboard my river cruise was an absolute dream come true

With U Cruises, you can come and go as you please. U Cruises dock in each city for about 16 hours, giving you much more time to explore each city and spend less time on the Ship since they only sail at night while some of the evenings it actually overnights as well so you can continue the fun as late as you may like. U by Uniworld is an excellent choice for travelers who are focused on local experiences & a variety of destinations.

Digital Social Experience

When I first started exploring the ship, one of my initial thoughts was that everything was designed to be hip and ‘Instagramable’. In an effort to be more eco-friendly and high-tech, Information on the ship is mostly communicated digitally via WhatsApp and emails with daily PDF documents. This also allows you to stay in touch with your on-board community to enhance your social experience as you always have other friends to meet up with while you are out and about exploring the nearby towns and villages should you be interested in sharing your experiences with some of the new friends you have made on-board. Accommodations also include USB charging ports and Bluetooth speakers for your convenience.


The daily shore excursions are more immersive and focus on longer stays in each destination, allowing guests to connect with local people, experiences and each city’s vibrant nightlife.

U by Uniworld offers plenty of options to cruisers who don’t want to be limited to a basic guided tour of a city. Although guided tours are still available for those that want them, they will still leave you with time to do some sightseeing on your own too.

Some of the popular excursions included kayaking tours and foodie tours, but one of my personal favorites was the biking tour through Dürnstein, Austria. I loved that I was able to be active and take in the local culture. We also stopped off on the bike and did a wine tasting tour.

Exploring Passu and all its beauty

Activities & Entertainment

There is no shortage of activities and entertainment for passengers of all ages. The ship offers mixology classes, wine and paint night, karaoke, camping on the deck and a silent disco to name a few. You can take our complimentary bikes, take a yoga class or book a spa treatment on-board. The entertainment brings an energy that I never would have expected on a river cruise.

We never ran out of things to do!

Painting Passaus beauty and its incredible Bavarian architecture

“All you need to paint is a few tools, a little instruction, and a vision in your mind.”

Paint and Sip in Passau


The food on the ship is definitely for foodies. The on-board dining is delicious and everything is prepared from locally sourced ingredients prepared by master chefs. Local dishes are inspired by the regions you’re sailing through and wine and cocktails from local destinations and vineyards.

U by Uniworld is constantly upgrading its ships, décor, itineraries, and menus. Their attention to detail, welcoming crew and best in class accommodation have earned them a reputation as a top Luxury River Cruise Line, and they definitely live up to it.

U isn’t quite like other river cruises. It’s made for those who aren’t afraid to break the mold and who are always down for a new (often active) adventure. U by Uniworld isn’t for everyone, and that’s part of what makes this river cruise experience so great.

Let us help you plan your time away with U by Uniworld or find the cruise that is right for you. Contact victoria@luxuryventurestravel.com to learn more & to access our unique perks while traveling by air, land and sea.